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Tooth loss, gum disease and bone disease affect millions of people worldwide, on every continent, in every age group. Globally, several hundred million people are thought to be missing one or more teeth. More than 40 million people are estimated to be fully edentulous in the United States alone. Completely edentulous jaws (no teeth) are a much more widespread handicap than most of us realize. Major barriers for solving the problem are the perceived complexity, stagnant technology and high cost of treatment. With innovative new solutions this no longer needs to be the case. There is a solution. A cost effective, proven solution. The All-on-4â„¢ solution.

Here are just a few of the benefits to the All-On-4 (AO4) Treatment Option:

  • An affordable attractive solution to missing teeth
  • Immediate loading / immediate function Fixed, non-removable screw retained implant-supported bridge
  • A beautiful smile and renewed self confidence
  • Improved overall health, and an enriched lifestyle

The AO4 clinical solution has been developed to simplify treatment for those suffering with poor oral health. The procedure maximizes the use of available bone while avoiding the sinus cavity, allowing for new functioning teeth the same day as the implant procedure.

The TeethToday Dental Implant Center is a leader in delivering this life changing AO4 procedure for those patients who are ready to get their life back in just one day. How? Unlike other conventional implant dentistry approaches that can use six, eight, or even more implants per arch, and often involve bone grafting and perhaps sinus augmentations (sinus lifts), and months of procedure time, TeethToday doctors often use the proven AO4 technique that involves only four specially placed implants per arch, usually without bone grafts or other ancillary surgical procedures.

The immediate benefits of AO4 are:

  • Teeth in one day
  • Lower costs & reduced healing time
  • Endless smiles

And the success rate of AO4 is superior to more traditional approaches of tooth replacement, and is designed to last a life time.

Your oral health is important to you, and should only be trusted to the best. The AO4 procedure is a critical process and needs to be performed by those with substantial experience and a successful track record. Our surgical team has placed thousands of implants and restored countless smiles, each with outstanding results, and that experience guarantees your safety. Our clinicians can change you from dentally exhausted to a renewed quality of life in one day, with our all-in-one facilities, you will get your smile back that fast as though it had never left.

In summary, the end result is a solid base to attach your new teeth that does not have to be removed by you - ever. AO4 saves time and money, all with minimal discomfort, and with proven predictable successful outcomes.

We here at the TeethToday Dental Implant Center are excited to make the AO4 option available because we want to give you back your smile, quickly and easily.

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