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August 28th 2014
Beautiful Teeth Start Here

Beautiful, healthy teeth begin with a clean mouth. We’ve learned, over time, that a healthy, clean mouth can be achieved through proper brushing, flossing, and regular visits to your dentist.  For whatever reason, you may have strayed from your routine teeth care, or maybe you’ve even missed a few checkups. If you find yourself with damaged or missing teeth, consider dental implants as a solution.

As an adult, keeping the teeth that you have cared for all these years can become a challenge. You don’t want to live without your teeth, not even one. Missing teeth can affect your speech, your food selections, and above all, your appearance.

If your teeth have started to decay and disappear, it’s time to seriously consider dental implants. Talk to the specialists at TeethToday® to learn more.

For dental implants, we can help.

August 26th 2014
The Answer is Implant Dentistry

When the question is, ‘how do I replace these gaps in my smile?’ implant dentistry is the answer. When you’re wondering how to go about finding long-lasting replacement teeth, dental implants are the solution. Just as your dentist is your partner in the care and maintenance of your teeth, the specialists at TeethToday®, are on your side, and your best bet when you’re ready to commit to dental implants.

As implant dentistry professionals, we understand the struggles of facing the unfortunate situation of needing a tooth replacement. Your dentist is your partner in the care and maintenance of your teeth.  When you are faced with the unfortunate situation of needing a tooth replacement, you’ll want to speak with a specialist.

At TeethToday®, our experienced professionals will work closely with your dentist and you to get your smile back to where it once was. For dental implants in Long Island, we can help.



August 23rd 2014
Nutrition and Your Oral Health

Studies have shown that frequent consumption of sugar-laden foods and beverages is the leading cause of tooth decay. But, you already knew that. Other factors such as illness, accidents, and even genetics, can play a role in the gradual decay of our teeth as we age.

Nutrition and exercise can play a pivotal role in a healthy lifestyle, and in turn, can help to save our teeth from decay. It is still a fact, however, that some people lose teeth.  In the past, when a person lost a tooth, or teeth, the only viable solution was dentures.

Times have changed, at TeethToday®, we know so much more about replacing missing teeth than ever. We are now able to offer a safer, more long-lasting solution. At TeethToday®, your decayed or missing teeth can be replaced with dental implants, in as little as one day.

For fast, safe and effective dental implants in Long Island, we can help.

August 20th 2014
People Will Notice

When you have a gap in your smile, due to missing teeth, people notice. When you tend to smile less, and hide behind your hands more, people notice that, too. If you find yourself longing for that full smile you once had, you may be ready for dental implants. We all want to present our best self to the world. When we look good, we feel good and vice versa.

At TeethToday®, we want to help you get noticed for all the right reasons. We can help you find your beautiful, healthy smile again. With dental implants, you’ll want to share your beautiful bright new smile with everyone. TeethToday® offers same day teeth replacement. Once your procedure is complete, you’ll consider your dental implants your new beginning.

For dental implants in Long Island, we can help.

August 15th 2014
Hide Your Missing Teeth

Suffering with missing or damaged teeth is not only painful, but it can also affect the way we allow the world to see us.  People who have lost one or more teeth, for whatever reason, tend to avoid being photographed for just this reason. In reality, it can be quite difficult to hide the fact that you are missing teeth. When you’re missing teeth, smiling is hard and intimate conversations can be embarrassing.

At TeethToday®, we have the solution. We offer affordable and timely replacement teeth. Our dental implants will solve your missing teeth dilemma and get you back to smiling in no time.

At TeethToday®, our dental implants are designed to be long-lasting; just like your smile.

For dental implants in Long Island, we can help.

August 14th 2014
Dental Implants over Dentures

When you’re ready for replacement teeth, you will most likely to do a little research. Once you’ve scoured the internet, and talked to friends, we’re quite certain that you’ll find what our TeethToday® clients already know. You’ll realize that dental implants are the safest, best, and obvious solution. Far better than dentures, dental implants offer a long-lasting, innovative solution to replacing your missing teeth.

With our state of the art technology, and experienced specialists, TeethToday® implants will prove to be a sound decision. Our clients tell us, time and again, how happy they are with their dental implants. When you schedule your free consultation, you’ll too discover why TeethToday® dental implants are the better choice.


When you’re ready for the best teeth replacement, in Long Island, for dental implants, we can help.



August 01st 2014
A Life Without Limitations

In life, there are always going to be plenty of rules. There will always be limitations. Not being able to eat the foods you love shouldn’t be one of them. When you are missing teeth, it can be difficult to enjoy all of your favorite foods. It’s time to stop limiting yourself because you are suffering from the effects of missing teeth. It’s time to make a change. With dental implants, your missing teeth can be replaced in as little as one day.

With your new replacement teeth, you’ll soon be enjoying all of the foods you love. Life is meant to be lived. Start living it without limitations. Start enjoying life (and your favorite foods) with your new replacement teeth from TeethToday®.

For dental implants, in Long Island we can help.


July 30th 2014
Dental Implant Success Rates



A study published in the July 2014 edition of the Journal of the American Dental Associationconcludes that “implant survival and success rates in general practices may be lower than those reported in studies conducted in academic or specialist settings.” (See  http://jada.ada.org/content/145/7/704.)  The researchers studied 922 patients in 87 practices and evaluated outcomes three to five years after implant placement. 


As the study suggests, success rates for dental implants may be higher in an academic or specialist settings.  All doctors at TeethToday® are specialists recognized by the American Dental Association.  They have collectively placed over 100,000 dental implants.  TeethToday® doctors regularly teach other doctors the latest dental implant techniques.


To benefit from the experience of TeethToday® specialists, please call today for your free consultation: (855) 784-6752.


July 24th 2014
Affordable Dental Implants

At TeethToday®, a common concern among our patients is affordability. They wonder if dental implants are a covered expense on their health insurance, and if they can afford the procedure. Our helpful treatment coordinator will work with you to determine if your procedure is covered by your insurance. In the event that your dental implants are not covered, we will provide you with all of the details on available financing options. Before your treatment begins, you will be made aware of all fees and any out-of-pocket expenses.

When replacing missing teeth, we don’t want anything to stand in the way of you regaining a heathy smile. We will work with you to find the best options for you. We want you to be completely comfortable before, during, and after your procedure.

For Long Island dental implants, we can help.


July 22nd 2014
Are You Missing Teeth?

Missing teeth are only cute on a 6-year old who is waiting for the Tooth Fairy. When you’re an adult, having gaps in your smile can embarrassing and debilitating. It can keep you from eating certain foods, inhibit your ability to speak, and definitely keep you from smiling. As an adult, there is nothing cute about missing teeth. Thankfully, the specialists at TeethToday® have made teeth replacement both convenient and affordable.

When you suffer from the loss of a permanent tooth, you might consider a teeth replacement solution. Dentures and bridges are one way to solve the problem. But, if you’re looking for a long-lasting fix, something that doesn’t have to be removed, it’s time to consider dental implants.

When you need dental implants in Long Island, we can help.

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