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June 12th 2014
Too Late?

Many of our patients assumed it was too late to consider dental implants. They worried that their increasing age and amount of time spent putting off the procedure would hinder its success. We tell them, 'you're never too old for dental implants.' 

Implant dentistry, designed to be a long-lasting solution, can be a success at any age. If health issues are your concern, we will address them. All of our TeethToday® patients receive a comprehensive treatment plan complete with a complimentary initial consultation and x-ray. We will discuss your concerns and have you feeling at ease, throughout the entire dental implant procedure. 

At TeethToday®, we believe you're never too old to feel great. Once you receive your new replacement teeth, we're sure you will agree.


June 10th 2014
Ready for Dental Implants?

If you're considering a dental implant procedure, but are still unsure, ask yourself if you're ready. Are you ready to start smiling, speaking, and eating, again? When you're ready for the look and feel of natural teeth, you're ready for dental implants.

With implant dentistry, your replacement teeth are implanted securely into the jawbone. This safe and effective procedure, eliminates the worries associated with traditional teeth replacement; like bridges and dentures. When you're ready to chew and speak, like you once did, you're ready for dental implants.

With dental implants, you no longer have to be concerned with removing and rinsing your partials. You won't have to be embarrassed by the gaps in your smile. At TeethToday®, we work closely with your dentist, to make sure this is the best choice for you.


When you're ready to dental implants, give the specialists at TeethToday® a call.


June 05th 2014
Your Teeth, Today

At TeethToday®, most teeth replacement procedures are complete in one day. You've waited long enough to replace the missing spaces in your smile. You'll be ready to get back to eating, smiling, and living, almost immediately, with our help.

Once your dental implant procedure is complete, you will have no regrets. You will no longer feel the need to avoid certain foods, or even smiling, Your dental implants, designed to last a long time, will be safe and secure in your mouth, for years to come.

Our experienced specialists will work closely with you and your dentist to create a customized treatment plan that will ensure a comfortable, safe dental implant experience, from start to finish. Every process begins with a free consultation and free x-ray.

At TeethToday, we have set the standard for tooth replacement, with our innovative dental implant technology. Dental implants in one day, is routine. We make it our business to get you back to a fuller smile, as quick and as safe as possible.

June 03rd 2014
Dental Implant Solutions

According to Consumer Reports, 113 million adults in the United States, are missing at least one tooth.  Thanks to implant dentistry, living with a broken smile no longer has to be a problem. With the innovative TeethToday® technology, there is finally a new and safe solution to this age- old problem. Where dentures and bridges once filled the gaps left behind by missing teeth, dental implants are now the answer.

Replacing missing teeth, not only enhances your confidence and physical appearance, but is imperative to your overall health. So many of us focus on eating right and exercising, but staying healthy also involves proper care and maintenance of teeth and gums. It is believed that oral health can have a direct link to your body's health and well-being.

When you choose revolutionary TeethToday® dental implants, to replace your missing teeth, you're choosing peace of mind and a long-lasting, safe teeth replacement.


May 30th 2014
Your Smile
“The tongue is ever turning to the aching tooth.” ~ Thomas Fuller

Whether it's a missing a tooth, or a perpetual ache, it's true, your tongue can not resist searching for it again and again. With a dental implant procedure, you can put your mind and your mouth at ease by replacing those unwanted gaps in your smile. You'll no longer search for the painful spot, or empty space in your mouth. Instead, you'll stop searching and start sharing your new bright smile with everyone you meet.

Schedule your free consultation with a TeethToday® specialist to discuss your procedure, and devise a treatment plan. With your new replacement teeth, there is nothing to remove to clean, and no messy denture adhesives. You will take care of your new teeth just like your natural teeth.

May 29th 2014
Enjoying Life
Living with missing, cracked, or decaying teeth can bring undue stress to your life. Suffering with the pain and discomfort, along with the embarrassment, of an incomplete smile, does not have to be your reality. Make the decision to start enjoying your life again, by learning more about your options for dental implants.

With the innovative TeethToday®technology available, you don't have to wait anymore to enjoy all the things you enjoy in life. Get back to smiling. Get back to eating your favorite foods, with no limitations. Get back to enjoying your life.

With your new dental implants, the next best thing to your natural teeth, you'll enjoy the safe, healthy alternative to missing spaces in your smile. With your new replacement teeth, you will, once again, enjoy the finer things in life.

Start enjoying your life today, by scheduling your free consultation with one of our specialists.

May 22nd 2014
Healthy Teeth
A shining bright smile, filled with healthy teeth, may be something we all take for granted. Unfortunately, when teeth begin to deteriorate or become damaged for any reason, it may be time to replace them. Choosing a trusted professional to perform a dental implant procedure, is an important decision, with lasting effects. When you choose a TeethToday® specialist, you choose experience, comfort, and the latest technology.

At TeethToday®, our educated professionals will guide you through every step of your dental implant procedure, ensuring your comfort. Your dental implants, designed to last a long time, will require the same care and maintenance as your own natural teeth. 

With your new dental implants, you can get back to enjoying a healthy, beautiful smile, again.

Schedule yours today.


May 20th 2014
Dental Implants
Your TeethToday®dental implants are an innovative solution for your missing or decaying teeth, and long-lasting replacement teeth that will never form cavities.

When you choose dental implants, you choose a teeth replacement solution that will not involve your surrounding teeth. With a dental implants procedure, your natural teeth will remain unaffected, unlike other replacement methods; like bridges and dentures.

Your dental implants, surgically implanted into your jawbone, are a safe and secure method for replacing missing teeth. You will no longer have to worry about your dental implants slipping or coming loose. Your new replacement teeth will function just like your natural teeth, maybe even better.

When you choose TeethToday®dental implants, you choose a solution that is designed to be long-lasting, and give you peace of mind.

May 15th 2014
Dental Implants in One Day
Many adults lose one or more permanent teeth before the age of 45, resulting from gum disease, an accident, or a failed root canal. Our TeethToday® dental implant patients have realized that our innovative procedure is a safe and convenient solution for those missing teeth.

Our patients have shared with us, that once they finally made the decision to replace their missing or damaged teeth, their procedure couldn't happen fast enough. What might have taken them years to decide, can come together as fast as one day. 

At TeethToday®, our patients leave with their new teeth, the same day. Our focus on your comfort and care is the top priority. Our experienced, knowledgeable staff will work with you throughout the entire treatment process.

At TeethToday®, the phone call only takes a moment, the procedure can be completed in one day, and the results will last a long time. Request your free consultation and x-ray today.

May 13th 2014
Dental Concerns
When considering implant dentistry, our patients have concerns. They worry about things like, 'will my dental implants will fall out?', 'will I be restricted from eating certain foods?', or 'will I need to use adhesives?' At TeethToday®, we have the answers.

Your dental implants will never have to be removed from your mouth for any reason. Your eating habits can actually improve as a result of your implant procedure. With your new dental implants, you will be able to brush, floss, and maintain them just like your regular teeth. Your new dental implants, are just like your permanent teeth, and a new addition to your new beautiful smile.

Your questions and concerns will be addressed in your initial, free consultation, and at any time during your treatment. At TeethToday®, we want our patients to feel confident and comfortable throughout the entire implant dentistry process.

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